The Benefits of Playing a Guitar

Many individuals believe playing a musical instrument is something people do for fun. Granted, some players do make it to the big time and make a living using their musical skills, yet they are definitely the minority. This doesn’t mean a person should decide not to learn to play guitar because it won’t be a full time occupation. There are numerous benefits associated with learning to play the guitar that make mastering this skill worthwhile for anyone.


People who take the time to learn to play guitar find their patience increases. It lengthens the student’s attention span and helps him or her cope with tasks that are tedious or difficult. It does so by reducing the person’s stress, calming their temper and soothing their mind. It even helps to lower the student’s blood pressure. Learning to play the guitar also leaves the person with a sense of accomplishment, one that will stay with him or her for an extended period of time. They have learned a new skill, one that they can make use of regularly or walk away from for a period of time, only to pick it up again quickly at a later date.

Playing the guitar offers many other benefits. Most individuals fail to realize their arms, hands and fingers get a workout when they play the guitar, an activity that can burn roughly 90 calories an hour. It also allows the person to communicate with others, using music as way to do so, and individuals can share their personal style while playing. Established songs can be changed up by the person actually playing the guitar, so they can put their own personal touch on them.

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